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Proceedings of third AIBRF triennial conference held at Kolkata


   with  U F B U


Letter to Shri P.C. Sarkar - Convener of UFBU regarding coordination and consultation of Retiree's issues


UFBRO's letter to UFBU


Pension option to VRS optees and others


Letter regarding Karnataka HC judgement





Welcome to A I B R F





 Dharana at Jantar Mantar , Delhi on Friday,

                 7th March 2014 ,Reporting

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All India Bank Retirees Federation is an Apex body of bank retirees, for the common cause of bank retirees. All bank retirees should work together. Although the IBA has ignored us but this is an opportune moment to raise our voice that everybody will hear, hence it is the need of the hour to stand by the All India Bank Retirees Federation as a rock like solidarity. Bank retirees have no class. We are one solid rock from messengers to managers. That is the only solution to solve our problems



Our Demands

Updation of Pension Improve Pension Scheme in banking sector on the lines of Central  Government Scheme –
1)  Updation of Pension along with wage revision of in service   employees,
2)  Uniform D.A. neutralization,
3)  Improvement in commutation,
4)  Family Pension,
5)  Ex-Gratia of pre – 1986 retirees





News Flash

Joint Memoradum/ Appeal on common Issues of Bank Retirees

Memorandum Page 1

Memorandum Page 2

Memorandum Page 3

Memorandum Page 4


Retirees'   Issues - Empowering Senior Citizens


Negotiations between IBA and UFBU on 14th March - Retirees' Issues


Dharana at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014, Reporting


Dharana program at Delhi on 07/03/14 -- Stay arrangements


Codolence Messasge - Sad Demise of Comrade MVG Nair - Central Bank of India.


Press Note regarding Dharana program at Janatar Mantar, Delhi on 7th March 2014.


Retirees Issues to be addressed in 10th Bipartite settlement - 100% D.A. to pre Nov - 2002 Retirees.


Note on Dearness Allowance related issues to be of past retirees to be addressed in 10th Settlement.


Mass Rally Cum Dharana of Bank Retirees at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 7th March 2014, Friday.

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Bipartite talks with IBA on 17th Jan

2014 - Developments


Vijaya Bank Resignee case and other developments


IBA letter regarding enhancement in ex-gratia amount being paid to pre - 1986 retirees/ surviing spouses


Massive Rally Cum Dharna at Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014


Improvement in Basic component of Ex-Gratia amount payable to Pre-1986 retirees and spouses of deceased Pre-1986 retirees


Due efforts of AIBRF has made pre 1986 retirees and their spouse to get increase in Ex-Gratia payments. Detailed guidelines from Govt. of India are awaited.


Strike of 18th Dec 2013 - Participation in Dharnas and Rallies.

















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