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 12/09/19     Merger of ten Public Sector Banks  

                  Formation of Coordination Committee of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank Retiree Organisations

                  Proceedings of Meeting of 3 banks held at Kolkata on 13.06.19

 09/09/19    AIBRF efforts in reducing insurance premium for next renewal

                  Letter to Convenor UFBU

                  Letter from IBA

 05/09/19    Supreme Court Judgment on Contempt Petition filed by retirees of erstwhile SBM

 04/09/19     Letter by CBPRO to IBA regarding renewal of medical insurance policy for retirees

  03/09/19    Renewal of Group Insurance Policy for retirees for 2019-2020 : Increase in premium amount Letter to GS AIBEA

                  Renewal of Group Insurance Policy for retirees for 2019-2020 : Increase in premium amount Letter to GS AIBOC 

                  Election of Office Bearers of AIBRF for 2019-2022

                   List of Office Bearers

  31/08/19     Merger of Public Sector Banks 

                   Renewal of Group Medical Insurance - Retirees' issues - Letter to UFBU

  16/08/19     Action Programs of AIBRF

  03/08/19    Letter to Secretary (Banking) Department of Financial Services, Govt of India , regarding pending issues of bank retirees. 

                  Action Programs of AIBRF in support of pending demands of bank retirees

  27/07/19    Action Programs of AIBRF in support of pending demands of bank retirees



  17/06/19    Action Programs on pending demands of bank retirees  


                   Updation of Basic Pension - Letter to IBA

  08/06/19    Supreme Court Judgment in the matter of 1616-1684 Index : Treatment to commutation arrears

  06/06/19    Letter to Hon, Prime Minister   

                   Letter to Hon. Finance Minister

                    Meeting at Chennai on 04.06.2019

  03/06/19    Letter to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman Honorable Finance Minister  

                   Message from Shri Sunil Mehta , MD and CEO Punjab National Bank

  24/05/19    Meeting Convened by AIBOC on retiree issues

  20/05/19    List of Office Bearers elected for the term 2019- 2022

 13/05/19     Payment of Gratuity : Correct interpretation of provisions of service regulations visa vis Relevant provisions of Gratuity Act, 1972

Supreme Court Judgement - 1

Supreme Court Judgement - 2

Supreme Court Judgement - 3

 10/05/19     Core Committee Meeting Held at Delhi on 2 nd & 3 rd May,2019 : Proceedings   

 02/05/19     Merger of Vijaya Bank & Dena Bank in Bank of Baroda : Need for coordination in handling retiree issues after the merger

 09/04/19     Demand of Pension Updation for pensioners in Banks - Letter to GS AIBEA

 31/03/19     Analysis of Benefits achieved for retirees & implemented in banks

 22/03/19     Stagnation increments to clerical staff retired between 1.11.2012 to 30.04.2015 to be considered for fixation of basic pension 

 20/03/19     GROUP MEDICAL INSURANCE SCHEME FOR RETIREES : Review of terms and conditions for next renewal

 19/03/19     Sad Demise of Comrade Late Shri M.K.Jha  President,  All India U.Co. Bank Retirees' Federation and ex- Central Committee member of AIBRF in Mumbai on 16.03.2019.

 18/03/19    Souvenir on the occasion of 5 th Triennial National Conference

                 Tariff for advertisement


 13/03/19    Pension Updation in RBI - Demand of Updation in banking industry

                 Updation of Pension and Improvement in Family Pension - Letter by CBPRO to Hon Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley

 12/03/19    Reckoning of Special Allowance for Terminal Benefits

                  Special Allowance to be included for computation of Pension

 09/03/19    Proceedings of 5 th Triennial National Conference of AIBRF held in Delhi from 1 st March to 3 rd March, 2019

  07/03/19   Pension Updation in RBI

                  Government of India notification dated 05.03.2019

  08/02/19    Release of Poster of the Conference - Other Arrangements

                  Click here to download poster

  04/02/19   Bipartite talks on wage negotiation. On 01.02.19 Retiree Issues  

                 Circular issued by 5 workmen unions 

                 AIBOC circular regarding Maha Morcha at Parliament Street, New Delhi

  28/01/19   5 th Triennial National Conference at Delhi Conduct of Proceedings

  19/01/19   Fixation of Basic Pension on index 1684 as per Supreme Court Judgment Non – Payment of arrears to those 

                   retired between 1.11.2002 to 30.4.2005 belonging to erstwhile associate banks.


                    CBPRO Circular

                    Joint Action Programs - Reporting

  20/12/18    Memorandum to Hon PM by CBPRO regarding pensioners' long pending issues

  19/12/18    Reception Committee for 5th National Conference of AIBRF  

                  Filing of Curative Petition in Supreme Court in the Matter of 100 per cent DA Case

  13/12/18    Joint Action Programs of CBPRO & AIBRF

  12/12/18    5th Triennial Conference - Circular by Reception Committee

  01/12/18    Appeal for finacial help to victims of Gaja Cyclone in Tamilnadu

                  Circular issued by All India Canara Bank Retirees Federation

  30/11/18    Joint Action Programs of CBPRO & AIBRF

                  Dharna at Large Centres throughout the Country 


  27/11/18   Joint Action Programs of CBPRO & AIBRF 

  22/11/18   5 th Triennial National Conference ( Delegate Session) of AIBRF to be held in Delhi  

                  from 1 st to 3 rd March, 2019.: Launching of Conference Logo

  08/11/18   5th Triennial National Conference ( Delegate Session) of AIBRF to be held in Delhi from 1 st to 3 rd March, 2019

  30/10/18   Pending Issues of Bank Retirees Letter to UFBU

                 Our Long Pending Issues Time for Action Programs

  29/10/18   5th Triennial National Conference ( Delegate Session) of AIBRF to be held in Delhi from 1 st to 3 rd March, 2019

  27/10/18   Joint Meeting of CBPRO & AIBRF in Delhi on 24.10.18  


                  Renewal of Medical Insurance Scheme for Retirees for the year 2018-19  

                  Waiver of GST on Medical Insurance Premium of Bank Retirees 

                   Renewal of Medical Insurance Scheme for Retirees 2018-2019 - Joint letter to IBA

 13/10/19     Renewal of Super Top Up Policy of New India Assurance Co for 2018 - 19   

                  Bankwise Claims data

 10/10/18     Reduced Renewal Premium of IBA policy for Retirees for 2018-19 quoted by UIICL  

                  IBA circular on Renewal Premium

 08/10/18     Proceedings of Central Committee Meeting held at Lonawala from 24 th to 26 th September, 18

 01/10/18     Renewal of Group Insurance Policy for retirees For the year 2018-2019

 21/09/18     Letter to Convenor UFBU

                  Merger of 3 Public Sector Banks - protest letter to Hon. Finance Minister

 18/09/18     IBA Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Retirees - Letter from CBPRO to convenor UFBU  

                  Renewal of Super Top Insurance Policy for retirees for the year 2018-2019 Proposal from NIA

 15/09/18     IBA-UFBU Meeting Regarding Medical Insurance Scheme

 14/09/18     CBPRO letter to Convenor UFBU regarding pending isssues of pensioners

 13/09/18     Proceedings of CBPRO & AIBRF Meeting at Delhi on 08.09.2018

 07/09/18     CBPRO Circular on Medical Insurance Scheme

 01/09/18     Proposed country-wide Protest Mass Casual leave on 4th & 5th September, 2018 in respect of Issues  

                   of Pensioners & Retirees of RBI - letter from CGPRO

 21/08/18     Bank Retirees Issues -- Co-ordinated efforts by CBPRO AND AIBRF

 14/08/18     Joint Representations on Effective date for Revised Gratuity & GST

                   Effective Date of Amendment to Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 Enhancement of Limit from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs  

                   Request to exempt Medical Insurance Premium for Senior Citizens from GST

 13/08/18      Torrential Rains in Kerala causing huge loss of Human life and properties

 10/08/18      Group Insurance Policy Renewal for Retirees for 2018-2019  

                    AIBEA Circular

 06/08/18      Letter from CBPRO to Convenor UFBU

 04/08/18      Group Insurance Policy Renewal for Retirees For 2018-2019  

                    IBA letter no 5580 dated 01.08.2018 on the subject of review and renewal of group insurance policy

                    for employees and retirees for 2018-2019 addressed to UFBU Convenor  

                   United India Insurance Company Limited letter no. 2018 dated 2 nd July 2018 addressed to IBA quoting 

                   premium rates for insurance renewal for 2018-19

                   Offer from K.M. Dastur and Company Insurance Brokers

 03/08/18       Demand for constitution of Consolidated Pension Fund for public sector banks

 30/07/18       National Conference (Delegate Session) of AIBRF To be held in Delhi from 1 st to 3 rd March, 2019 

                    Letter to Shri S.C. Jain, GS from Joint Convenors CBPRO

 26/07/18      Contempt Petition filed in the Supreme Court by SBM Pensioners Commune 

 23/07/18      Kalyan Jewellers TV Advertisement depicting Poor and Wrong image of bank employees Demand to withdraw it immediately

 21/07/18      Govt. Decision to withdraw FRDI Bill

 11/07/18      Joint & Coordinated Efforts on Retiree Issues by CBPRO & AIBRF

 07/07/18      Meeting with IBA officials

 04/07/18     100 Per cent DA Case In Supreme Court : Filing of Review Petition

 27/06/18     Group Medical Insurance of IBA for retirees  


                   INDIA INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ( YEAR 2015-16 TO 2017-18- REVIEW)


 20/06/18    Third Central Committee Meeting at Lonawala( Near Mumbai) From 24 th September,2018 to 26 th September,2018

 18/06/18    Arrears Payment in respect of 1616-1684 Follow up Actions

 16/06/18    Implementation of Supreme Court Judgement in the Matter of 1616-1684 by member banks :Some Issues

 12/06/18    Pending Issues of Bank Pensioners - Letter to Hon Prime Minister  

                  Core Committee Decisions taken Follow up Actions


                  Reporting on Core Committee meeting held at Delhi On 2 nd & 3 rd June, 2018

 26/05/18    Core Committee meeting to be held on 2 nd &3 rd June,18 : Note on Supreme Court Judgement



                   MEETING TO BE HELD ON 2ND & 3 RD JUNE 2018 AT DELHI     


                   Draft Review Petition

 24/05/18     Demand for convening urgent central committee Meeting to discuss Supreme Court Judgement

 21/05/18     Core Committee Meeting at Delhi On 2 nd & 3 rd June, 2018  

                   Interest on amount of pension arrears

 18/05/18     Supreme Court Judgement dated 16.05.18 On 100 per cent DA  

                   Copy of Supreme Court Judgement

 15/05/16      Supreme Court to pronounce judgement On 100 per cent DA issue tomorrow

 14/05/18      Strike Call of UFBU

 17/04/18      Office Bearers’ Meeting at Vijayawada on 2 nd & 3 rd April, 2018- Proceedings

                    Office Bearers’ Meeting at Vijayawada on 2 nd & 3 rd April, 2018- Proceedings Supplement

  08/04/18       Review of Group Insurance Scheme applicable to bank employees/ retirees - Letter to IBA  

                    Copy of letter from IBA

   06/04/18     IBA circular on implementation of Supreme Court Judgement on 1616-1684 issue  

                    Copy of IBA circular

   06/04/18     ******

  24/03/18     IBA circular regarding pension option to compulosrily retired employees   

  17/03/18     Pension Option to the Compulsorily Retired Employees

  14/03/18     First Retired Women Convention organised by Karnataka State Committee

  07/03/18     Supreme Court Judgement in the matter of fixation of basic pension on 1684 index 

                   to pensioners retired Between 1998 to 2002 - Letter to IBA   

                  Copy of Supreme Court Judgement

 23/02/18     LOU related scam in Punjab National Bank




 03/02/18     General Budget 2018-19 wherein relief and Incentives have been extended to the Senior Citizens 

                   The Financial Resolution & Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 Provisions affecting depositor interest adversely

  29/01/18    Office Bearers’ Meeting to be held at Vijayawada (A.P.) On 2 nd & 3 rd April,2018  

                   Office Bearers’ Meeting Special Invitees

 22/01/18     100 Per cent DA to Pre-November 2002 retirees

  16/01/18     Condolence Message for Comrade Sengupta 

  16/01/18     List of cards issued by Raksha TPA for Dena and Kotak Bank    

  12/01/18     List of all members covered under super top up policy of NACL 

                    Summary of AIBRF Policies

  10/01/18     Implementation of Para 12 of 1993 settlement on Pension Scheme Letter to IBA

  08/01/18     Bank Charges on Stop Payment Cheques  

                   Summary of bankwise stop payment cases    

                   Stop Payment List   

                   Summary of bankwise cheque bounce cases

                   Bounced cheques list

   06/01/18    E_cards for Dena Bank and Kotal Mahindra- ING Vysya Bank .    

                    E_cards lot 1 (Zip file)   

                   E_cards lot 2 (Zip file)

                     (Family id no. is mentioned after N90 which is made bold and policy no. is

                     at last in bold in the card at Member ID : N90265AIBRF11)   

                     Escalation matrix by Raksha TPA for handling of any grievance of the members    

                     Communication from Raksha TPA on procedure for how to download e-cards by the members

     02/01/18   Benefits under Reg. no. 26 of Pension Regulations, 1995 in Public Sector Banks to the Specialists Officers like Personnel Officers, Industrial Relations Officers, Law Officers, Tech. Officers, Agriculture Officers, C.As etc., recruited beyond the normal upper age limits of 28/30 years then prescribed by the Banks for direct recruitment

     01/01/18   New year greeting

   25/12/17    Super Top Policy Of New India   Health Card   

                    Procedure to download ecards

   18/12/17     The Financial Resolution & Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 , Provisions affecting depositor interest adversely


                     ALLOWANCE Awaiting Supreme Court judgement          



                     Article in Dainik Bhaskar

   22/11/17    IBA declared Public Authority under RTI Act,2005 by the Central Information Commissioner, New Delhi

   15/11/17    AIBRF NIA Super Top Up Policy TPA list for various banks  

   09/11/17    Group Insurance Policy for Retirees Changes in list of TPAs by UIICL    

                    Letter to IBA  

   07/11/17     Super Top Policy of New India for Bank Retirees

   27/10/17     Super Top Policy of New India for Bank Retirees Target of 10000


   16/10/17     Super Top Policy of New India for Bank Retirees Target of 10000       

   10/10/17     Brief Report on Central Committee Meeting held at Ujjain on 7 th & 8 th October, 2017

   06/10/17     Meeting with IBA on Retiree Issues

   02/10/17     Super topup policy for retirees

                    Circular by Bank of India regarding renewal and super top up policy


   26/09/17     Central Committee Meeting To Be held on 7 th & 8 th October,2017 at Ujjain (M.P.) : Intimation from Host Unit.  

                    Letter from Host Unit     

                    Room Allotment

   20/09/17     Super Top Up Policy for Retirees & Renewal of Basic Policy for 2017-2018     

                    FAQs for Super top up policy by New India for AIBRF    

                     Proposal form for Super top up policy

                      Letter to IBA on Renewal Premium for UIICL Group Policy covering Domiciliary Benefits for  Retirees for  

                      2017-18 Steep Increase

   04/09/17      Launching of Super Top Med claim Insurance Policy designed by New India Assurance. Co. Ltd For Bank Retirees


   29/08/17     Launching of Super Top Med claim Insurance Policy designed by New India Assurance. Co. Ltd for Bank Retirees  

                    Super Top Up Health Insurance Policy - FAQs

                    Copy of proposal form

                    Proposal form in MS Word format    

   24/08/17     Proceedings in Supreme Court on 23.08.2017 in the matter of 100 per cent DA


   17/08/17     News in circulation about constitution of Committee by the government on pension issues Of bank retirees    

                    CBPRO circular 1  

                    CBPRO circular 2

   16/08/17     News in circulation about constitution of Committee by the government on pension issues of bank retirees  

   11/08/17     Central Committee Meeting at Ujjain Scheduled on 7 th and 8 th October, 17         

   10/08/17     SLP in the matter of 100 per cent DA case in Supreme Court : JUDGEMENT


   04/08/17     Request to hold discussion with AIBRF on retiree Issues during on-going wage negotiation mandate      

                    Draft of letter to be addressed to directors of the bank on tbe issue of mandate to hold discussion with AIBRF

   02/08/17     Developments in SLP in the matter of 100 per cent DA case in Supreme Court on 1.08.2017

   27/07/17     Developments in SLP in the matter of 100 per cent DA case in Supreme Court on 26.07.17

   26/07/17     Proposal of K.M.Dastur & Co. for Super Top Policy for Retirees

   15/07/17     Launching of Super Top Med claim Insurance Policy designed by New India Assu. Co. Ltd for Bank Retirees     

                     Freqently Asked Questions regarding the Policy   

                     Excellent Opportunity for Enhanced Medical Cover at Least Premium   

                     Details/ background of the scheme for information of members

   14/07/17     Submission of Charter of Demands to UFBU Constituents. & Other Developments

   28/06/17     Notice for Central Committee Meeting To Be held on 7 th & 8 th October,2017 at Ujjain (M.P.)

   17/06/17     Release of Charter of Demands on Retiree Issues  for Next Wage settlement      

                    Copy of Charter of Demands

   31/05/17     Charter of Demands for Bank Retirees

   18/05/17     AIBRF Joining 100 PerCent Dearness Allowance Case in the Supreme Court         

                    Supreme Court Decision dated 29.03.2017 in the matter Of Gratuity entitlement of the employees  

                     retired during 1993 to 1994 - Letter to IBA

   13/05/17     Charter of Demands for Bank Retirees

   12/05/17    Action Programme Submission of Representation to the Directors of Banks on Mandate Issue  

                   Draft of letter to be addressed to directors of the bank on the issue of mandate to IBA to hold discussions with AIBRF

   10/05/17     Condolence Message

   02/05/17     Office Bearers’ Meeting held at Indore On 29 th & 30 th April, 2017 Proceedings of the Meeting

   24/04/17     Messages on SBI Pension related issues       

                    Committee Report on SBI Pension issues

   06/04/17    SLP filed by United Bank of India Management Against decision of Kolkata High Court decision      

                    In the matter of 100 per cent DA Hearing on 31.03.2017


     31/03/17   Order by Hon High Court of M.P. Jabalpur Bench at Indore

   13/03/17     Pension Option to Compulsorily Retired Employees -Supreme Court Decision Successful Proceedings at Lok Adalat  

   09/03/17     Merger of 5 Associate Banks in SBI

   06/03/17     DHARNA PROGRAMME AT DELHI ON 23.03.2017

   04/03/17     Proceedings at RLC on 28.02.2017

   23/02/17     Letter to IBA regarding AIBRF Representations dated 29.10.16 & 24.12.2016 to Ministry of Finance, GOI on retiree issues

   23/02/17     Counter reply by AIBRF on submission made by AIBOC before RLC

   20/02/17     DHARNA PROGRAMME AT DELHI ON 23.03.2017

   13/02/17    Proceedings of 24.01.2017 Submissions of IBA Our Counter Reply   

   06/02/17    Letter to UFBU regarding 100% D.A. Neutralisation to pre November 2002 retirees.   

                    Proceedings of Supreme Court in 100% D.A. neutralisatilon case

  04/02/17     Supreme Court decision on SLP filed by some retirees in the matter of 100 % DA

  27/01/17      Proceedings on 24.01.2017 in Dy. CLC Office at Mumbai on representation of AIBRF      

                    Letter from IBA - page1   

                    Letter from IBA - page2

  23/01/17     100 % D,A. case in Supreme Court

                    Record of proceedings in Supreme Court   

                    Listing of the case in Supreme Court

  16/01/17     DHARNA PROGRAMME AT DELHI ON 23.03.2017

  09/01/17     Hearing at Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) on 24.01.2017 at Mumbai    

                   Letter from Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)     

                   AIBRF representation dated 05.12.2016 in the matter of discrimination in granting 100% Dearness Relief

                     to the Pensioners who retired before Nov. 2002     

                     Centralised Dharna Programme at Jantar Mantar , Delhi   CHANGE IN DATE TO THURSDAY, 23-03-2017 - Journey Arrangements

   07/01/17    Centralised Dharna Programme at Jantar Mantar , Delhi  CHANGE IN DATE TO THURSDAY, 23-03-2017

   03/01/17    Illegal arbitrary and malafide discrimination in grant of Dearness Allowance to the employees

                    retired  between April 1998 and October 2002

   31/12/16    Developments on 2nd Phase Action Programmes being carried out in the months of Nov. & Dec. 2016    

                   in support of pending demands 

                   Annexure I    

                   Annexure III 

                   Annexure V

                   Annexure VI

   30/12/16    Hearing at Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) on 24.01.2017 at Mumbai

   23/12/16    Centralised Dharna Programme at Jantar Mantar , Delhi on Tuesday, 7 th March, 2017

   16/12/16    Kolkata High Court, Division Bench Judgement on  100 Percent Dearness Allowance- Review Petition    

                    Copy of original Judgement by Kolkata High Court    

                    Copy of Modification order by Kolkata High Court    

                    Letter to the General Secretary AIBEA

   12/12/16    Letter to Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon Minister of Finance, Govt of India, regarding Grievances of Bank Retirees

     12/12/16    Group Medical Insurance Scheme - Circular      

                      Reply from United India Insurance Company

   09/12/16    Filing of Case with Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner(Central), Mumbai 0n 05.12.2016   

                   as industrial dispute in 100 percent DA matter

   01/12/16   Letter by Shri Nitin Gadkari , Hon Crentral Minister to FM Shri Arun Jatley regarding      

                    implementing Supreme Court decision to give pension option to the compulsorily retired employees


                    Letter from IBA

   17/11/16    Letter to Hon Prime Minister The letter has been acknowledged by PMO  under reference no -
Your Registration Number is :PMOPG/E/2016/0466356

   15/11/16    Second Phase of Agitational Programmes of AIBRF in support of Pending Issues of Retirees from 01-11-2016 To 31.12.2016.

   09/11/16    RBI Circular regarding Withdrawal of Legal Tender Character of existing ₹ 500/- and ₹ 1000/- Bank Notes

   08/11/16    Setting up of Lady’s Wing of Kerala Unit by state body of All India Canara Bank Retirees' Federation , Kerala Unit

  31/10/16     Second Phase of Agitational Programmes of AIBRF in support of Pending Issues of Retirees From 01-11-2016 to 31.12.2016.   

                   Draft of Memorandum to be submitted .

  29/10/16     GROUP MEDICAL INSURANCE SCHEME FOR RETIREES Grievances of Retirees - Letter to IBA

  27/10/16     Letter to General Secretary , AIBOA, regarding Action Programmes of AIBRF

  25/10/16     Letter to General Secretary , AIBEA, regarding Action Programmes of AIBRF    

                   Letter to General Secretary , AIBOC, regarding Action Programmes of AIBRF

  17/10/16    Second Phase of Agitational Programmes of AIBRF in support of Pending Issues of Retirees from 01-11-2016 To 31.12.2016.

  15/10/16    Clarification on procedure to be followed for lodging  claims under domiciliary as given by United India Insurance Co Ltd

  12/10/16    List of deceases for Domicilliary treatment under Group Medical Scheme for Retirees 

  12/10/16    Renewal Premium for 2016-17 under Group Medical Scheme for Retirees Steep Increase Letter to IBA

  11/10/16     Renewal Premium for Group Medical Insurance for Retirees

  06/10/16     Renewal of group insurance policy for 2016-2017 for retirees on the same terms and   

                   conditions applicable for renewal for employees.

  04/10/16     Renewal of group medical insurance policy - Steep Hike in Premium by insurance company

  03/10/16     Group Medical Scheme for Bank Retirees launched by Indian Bank Association - Renewal Issues

  30/09/16     Proceedings of Central Committee Meeting Held at Nagpur on 24th & 25th September, 2016

  29/09/16     Writ Petition No 507 of 2012 in Kolkata High Court Judgement Re: United Bank of India Retired Welfare Ass. V/s                      United Bank of India 100 percent Dearness Allowance Case - Letter to IBA

  12/09/16     Meeting with IBA Officials on 08.09.2016 = Group Medical Insurance Scheme for Retirees

  10/09/16     Condolence message on death of C.C.Member , Late Shri A.C.Vakil


  17/08/16    Extension of Window Period for Retirees of the Banks for Joining the IBA Group Mediclaim Insurance

                  Policy  for the period ending 30 th November, 2016

  16/08/16    AIBRF delegation submits memorandum to Shri Ganesh Gangawar, Hon Central Minister of State of Finance

  10/08/16    Group Medical Coverage to those retired after 31.10.2015

  08/08/16    Online representation to PMO - Followup Action     

                   Letter to HON Prime Minister by General Secretary AIBRF


  21/07/16    Central Commitee meeting at Nagpur - Intimation to the host unit

  14/07/16    GROUP MEDICAL SCHEME FOR RETIREES Non implementation of clause of  reimbursement of                      Domiciliary  treatment  expenses to retirees by the insurance co to the Retirees. -  Letter to IBA

  04/07/16    Letter to IBA regarding Pending Issues of Retirees   

  03/07/16    Central Committee Meeting at Nagpur - Details of Arrangements    

  03/07/16    RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT,2005 Securing Information under the Act   

                  Order of Central Information Commission

  01/07/16    100 per cent D.A. case in Supreme Court -  Proceedings on 29.06.2016

  27/06/16    Rumours

  21/07/16   Action programmes during May 2016     

                   List of Hon Central Ministers and Members of Parliament to whom memorandumn

                   on demand of retirees were submitted by AIBRF delegations during the month of May 2016



                  LETTER  FROM IBA    

                  CORE COMMITTEE MEETING ON 11.06.2016

  11/06/16    Action prrogrammes of bank retirees under banner of AIBRF  

                   Action programmes during May 2016   

                   Demand Day in Andhra, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh  

                   Demand Day in Kerala. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh       

                   Demand Day in Tamilnadu , North East states and West Bengal  

                   Demand Day in Gujrat, Oddisha , Delhi and Karnataka        

                   Letter from Shri Rama Kishore Singh Hon MP, Vaishali Bihar to Finance Minister      

                   Letters from Prof Chintamani Malviya, Hon MP, Ujjain and Prof P.J. Kurian, Deputy Chairman, Rajyasabha to Finance Minister


                  Holding Discussion with the Representatives of Bank Retirees on their issues


                 OF OUR DEMANDS    

                  Copy of the memorandum submitted to the Central Ministers and Members of Parliament  

                  Photos taken while submitting the memorandum - 1   

                  Photos taken while submitting the memorandum  - 2   

                  Copy of letter from M.P. to F.M. on our issues

  23/05/16   Registration of AIBRF under Trade Union Act   

                  Registration Certificate

  20/05/16   Action Programmes of AIBRF during the Month of May 2016

  16/05/16   Action Programmes of AIBRF Demand Day on 25.05.2016    

                  Letter by Shri Gopal Shetty, Hon M.P. North Mumbai, to Finance Minister

  12/05/16   Letter to Dr. E.M.S. Natchippan, Hon Member of Paliament (Rajya Sabha)

  09/05/16   Letter to IBA regarding Bank Retiree Issues

  06/05/16   Struggle Fund

  02/05/16   Memorandum on pending demands of bank retirees     

                    Pension fund positions of public sector banks as on 31.03.14   

    01/05/16    Action Programmes for May 2016

  27/04/16    Proceedings of Office Bearers’ Meeting held at Delhi on 22nd & 23rd April 2016  

                   Draft Letter to Hon Prime Minister

  11/04/16    Letter to Shri Jayant Sinha, Hon Minister of State (Finance) regarding Bank Retiree Issues    

                   Action programmes of Bank Retirees carried out during last one year in the country from  April 15 to April 16

  08/04/16    Communication from IBA on Retiree Issues

  08/04/16    New year has started with good things for retirees   

                   Letter from IBA on Retiree Issues  

                   Letter from IBA to CEO of banks regarding setting of Grievance Cell at Bank level to redress the   

                   grievances of retired employee 

                   Letter to IBA by GS, AIBRF regarding retirees' issues

  28/03/16     Letter to IBA by AIBRF

  18/03/16     Action Programmes

  18/03/16     Foundation Conference of Delhi State Comitee - AIBRF - a magnificent suceess

  08/03/16      Formation of Delhi State Committee of AIBRF and other Developments

  03/03/16      Coordination between Unions & AIBRF on pending issues of retirees

  22/02/16      Dharana Programme at Banagalore on 19.02.2016

  18/02/16      Dharana held at Ahmedabad on 16.02.2016

  11/02/16       Protest Day at Azad Maidan Mumbai on 10.02.2016

  09/02/16      Meeting of Parliamentary Committee Meeting Held in Delhi on 8.02.2016 to discuss bank Retiree issues    

                     based on representation Submitted by AIBRF/ IOB Retirees’ Association

    09/02/16       Protest Day at Azad Maiden on 10.02.2016 Re: Submission of Memorandum on Retirees’ Demands

  05/02/16       Punjab & Haryana High Court Decision - Pension Option to Compulsory Retired Persons      

                      High Court Decision on compulsory retired persons

  04/02/16       Memorandum on pending demands of Bank Retirees

  02/02/16       1st Triennial Conference of Odisha State Committee of A.I.B.R.F


                     FROM FEB. 2016 TO JULY 2016 AVERAGE CPI: 6147

  22/01/16       Request to IBA for appointment to submit memorandum       

                      Protest Day in Mumbai on 10/02/2016        

                      Maharashtra State Office Bearers

  20/01/16       Terms & Conditions of Group Medi-claim policy issued by United India Insurance Co. Ltd 

                      for future renewal

  18/01/16      IBA Group Mediclaim policy for Retirees - Speciment Document   

  18/01/16      Letter to IRDAI         

                      Letter to IBA - Medical Scheme for bank Retirees reimbusement of domicialiary expenses

 16/01/16        Developments

                       Letter from Department of Financial Services (GOI) to CMDs of banks regarding wage revision

 30/12/15        Leave Encashment to Compulsary Retired Employees

 26/12/15        Developments

 17/12/15        Pensioners' Day on 17th December

 10/12/15        Action Programme of AIBRF

 08/12/15        Election - List of Office Bearers for 2015 to 2018

 05/12/15        Unprecedented Heavy Rains in Tamilnadu Appeal for Help

 02/12/15        Proceedings of 4th Triennial National Conference held at Thrissur from 26th November, 2015 to 28th November 2015

 20/11/15        Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment takes up retirees' issues with MOF     

                      Memorandum from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

17/11/15         IBA approved medical scheme for bank retirees Reimbursement of Domiciliary Expenses

15/11/15         Nomination of Election Commissioner to supervise and conduct election of Office Bearers         

                      at Thrissur Conference

14/11/15         Central Commitee Meeting at Thrissur on 26.11.15 - Agenda      

                      List of affiliates - Entitlement of Delegates for Thrissur Conference

 07/11/15        Invitation and  Programme of 4th National Conference of AIBRF to be held on 26th Nov 2015

 21/10/15        Sad demise of Shri P.S. Gopalkrishna Pillai CC member AIBRF and GS Bank of India   

                      Retirees' Association Kerala

 08/10/15        IBA Circular to member banks advising them to implement  scheme of Group Insurance

                      Mediclaim policy   for retirees w.e.f 1-11-2015.

 05/10/15        IBA Group Medical Scheme for Retirees      

                     Annexure of Detail IBA Medical Insurance Scheme

 28/09/15        Messages by individuals

 25/09/15        Demonstrations  against corruption and mismanagement in Catholic Syrian Bank in front of

                      Head Office by CSB Retirees Association afiliated to AIBRF

   21/09/15         Meeting of AIBRF Delegation with Central Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari at Nagpur on 12.09.15

 20/09/15         Demonstrations at Guwahati

 15/09/15         Meeting of AIBRF Delegation with Central Minister  Shri Nitin Gadkari at Nagpur on 12.09.15

 15/09/15         Supreme Court Decision dated 01/07/15 in Civil Appeal No. 1123 of 2015

 11/09/15         IBA Group Medi-Claim Policy for Retirees - Letter to IBA

 07/09/15         4th Triennial Conference to be held on 26-28th November 2015 Information

 31/08/15         Office Bearers Meeting at Ahmedabad on 10th and 11th October 2015

 27/08/15         Letter to IBA requesting appointment

 22/08/15         Publication of souvenir Appeal for collecting advertisements    

                       Bulletin issued by Reception Comittee - Advertisement tariff

 18/08/15         Letter to the Prlme Minister on retirees' issues

 11/08/15         Letter from GS, AIBOC to Converner UFBU regarding Recod Note dtd 25.05.2015

 11/08/15          Our Action Programs

                        News item in paper - 1

                        News item in paper - 2

                        News item in paper - 3

10/08/2015        Action Programs of AIBRF Maharastra State

10/08/15           Appeal for attending Bank Retirees meeting at Mumbai on 14th Aug 2015 

10/08/2015        Trains for Thrissur

09/08/2015        Reporting of organisational action programme under taken by Bihar Committee

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part I

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part II

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part III

05/08/2015       100 Percent Dearness Relief to Pre-Nov.02 Retireees Record Noe dtd. 25.05.2015

  05/08/2015       Letter to Shri M.V. Murali Convener, UFBU

02/08/2015        Meeting of Apex Level Retiree Organisations at Delhi on 28/07/2015

01/08/2015        Dearness Relief - August 2015 to Febrary 2016

24/07/2015        4th triennial Delegate Session of AIBRF - II

 24/07/2015         4th triennial Delegate Session of AIBRF - I

19/07/2015        Submission of memorandum to Local Chapter of IBA on retirees'  demands

17/07/2015        4th National Conference, Thrissur, 26 - 28 November 2015.

10/07/2015        Proceedings of Central Comittee Meeting of AIBRF held at Indore on 9th and 10th July 2015.

05/07/2015        Developments

02/07/2015        Report on AIBRF call successfully implemented in Kerala

01/07/2015        United Bank Retirees - Submission of memorandum to Chairman

19/06/2015        Submission of memorandum to president, local chapter IBA, by our state body of AP and Telangana

13/06/2015         AIBOC letter to IBA regarding Record Note on the issues of Bank Retirees

08/06/2015        Central Commitee Meeting of AIBRFto be held at Indore on 9th and 10th July 2015

05/06/2015        Action Programmes of AIBRF

*03/06/2015        Letter to IBA regarding our memorandum dtd 25/05/2015

29/05/2015       10th Bipartite Settlement - Record Note dated 25th May 2015.

28/05/2015       Letter to UFBU regarding record note by IBA on 25/05/2015 relating issues relating to retirees

27/05/2015       Protest Day on 25/05/2015

25/05/2015       Memorandum to IBA

23/05/2015       Delegation of AIBRF. Observing 25th May, 2015 as PROTEST DAY. Demonstration at Azad Maidan, Mumbai.

17/05/2015      10th Bipartite Settlement - Future Action progrm for coming days

                        Draft letter of representatiion to be send to Chairman & Managing Director of respective bank

 16/05/2015      Another Letter to Shri M.V. Murali, Convenor UFBU, regarding 10th Bipartite Settlement

   14/05/2015     Letter to Shri M.V. Murali, Convenor UFBU, regarding 10th Bipartite Settlement

  13/05/2015      Meeting with Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 12.05.2015

  13/05/2015      Memorandum to FM regarding pending Demands/Issues of Bank Retirees

  13/05/2015      Developments in today's efforts

02/05/15          Delay in finalisation of retirees' issues

02/04/15          Pension Reulations - Submission of Life Certificate by pensioners.

23/03/15          Letter to UFBU regarding memorandum on mediclaim policy to past retirees

23/03/15          Memorandum on group mediclaim policy to past retirees

13/03/15         Kokata High Court Decision on 100 per cent DA

  03/03/15        Signing of MOU for wage settlement - Retiree Issues

26/02/15        Letter from AIBOA to UBFU regarding pension related issues

26/02/15        AIBEA & AIBOA meet Finance Minster on 18th instance on wages and other demands of serving employees and

                     retirees in Banks

26/02/15         Bipartite Settlement signing of MOU between Unions & Bank Managements

23/02/15        WAGE REVISION SETTLED IN TODAY's MEET - 15% HIKE W.E.F 1.11.2012

                        CLICK HERE TO VIEW IBA CIRCULAR 

16/02/15          Contribution from AIBRF towards  J &K Flood Victims Relief

  07/02/15          Agitational Programme lauched by UFBU - AIBRF Support

31/01/15          Dearness Relief to pensioners 51 slabs more from Feb 2015 to July 2015.

  27/01/15          Benefit of notional service to Voluntary retired Employees under special VRS who completed more
                       than 19 and half years service Supreme Court Decision

25/01/15          Denial of pension option to the Compulsarily Retired Employees as settlement of 2010 - Supreme Court Decision.

23/01/15          Letter to IBA on Retirees' demands

                        Memorandum to IBA regarding Retirees' demands

                        Note on Uniform Dearness Relief to all past Retirees

01/01/15           New Year's Greetings

26/12/14           Bipartite Negotiations

24/12/14           Bipartite Negotiations Agitational Program by UFBU

16/12/14           Developments   

  06/12/14           Centralised Demonstration by AIBRF at Hyderabad on 2nd December, 2014 in support of UFBU Demands

  06/12/14           Resolution for the Rally

22/11/14           Condolence Message - Sad demise of our Veteran Comrade Sampath

  21/11/14           Likely Interest Rate Cut - Impact on Retirees

18/11/14            Meeting with DFS officials on 17/11/2014

17/11/14            Centralised Demonstration Program at Hyderabad on 20th Dec 2014

03/11/14            Condolence Message - Sad Demise of Shri S P Seth, Central Commitee Member

22/10/14             Deepawali Greetings

16/10/14             Agitational Program of UFBU

07/10/14             Circulation of Messages

29/09/14             Letter to UFBU - regarding Deveopments and Retirees' issues in bipartite talks on 26/09/14

26/09/14            Talks betwwen IBA and UFBU on 26/09/14 - Developments.  

  20/09/14             Relief to people of Jammu and Kashmir - Appeal for donation

16/09/14            Letter to Syndcate Bank regarding greivance cell set up in the Bank

15/09/14            Supreme Court Decision - Pension option to Compulsary Retired Employees -

                           Letter to Chairman IBA

                           Letter to Convenor UFBU

                           Circular to Office Bearers/ CC members / State Body Chiefs of AIBRF

09/08/14            OBTIUARY - Sad demise of Shri P.S.LM . Hargopal , Vice President AIBRF and GS , PNB Retirees Federation

08/08/14             Developments in Bipartite talks Retirees' Issues

01/08/14             D.A. rates for pensioners (%) - 17 slabs more from August, 2014

30/07/14            Office Bearers' meeting held at Mumbai on 16th & 17th July 2014 - reporting

09/07/14            Pension fund position of Public Sector Banks as on 31/03/2014

15/06/14            Bipartite talk of 13/06/2014

14/06/14            Agenda for Office Bearers' meeting to be held at Mumbai on 16th and 17th July 2014

30/05/14            Office Bearers' Meeting at Mumbai on 16th and !7th July 2014

30/05/14            List Of Officer Bearers

29/05/14            Letter to Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

17/05/14            P.J. Nayak Comittee recommendations on Governance of Boards of Banks in India.

14/05/14            Pension Updation of past retirees Analysis of related issues

29/04/14           Supreme cout decision for payment of arrears to those pensioners retired between 1998 to 2002

20/04/14              Joint Memoradum/ Appeal on common Issues of Bank Retirees

Memorandum Page 1

Memorandum Page 2

Memorandum Page 3

Memorandum Page 4


16/04/14             Retirees'   Issues - Empowering Senior Citizens

17/03/14            Negotiations between IBA and UFBU on 14th March - Retirees' Issues

10/03/14            Dharana at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014, Reporting

05/03/14            Dharana program at Delhi on 07/03/14 -- Stay arrangements

28/02/14            Codolence Messasge - Sad Demise of Comrade MVG Nair - Central Bank of India.

21/02/14            Press Note regarding Dharana program at Janatar Mantar, Delhi on 7th March 2014.

  18/02/14           Retirees Issues to be addressed in 10th Bipartite settlement - 100% D.A. to pre Nov - 2002 Retirees.

  18/02/14           Note on Dearness Allowance related issues to be of past retirees to be addressed in 10th Settlement.

27/01/14           Mass Rally Cum Dharana of Bank Retirees at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 7th March 2014, Friday.

                        Click here to view / download the poster

18/01/14            Bipartite talks with IBA on 17th Jan 2014 - Developments

08/01/14            Vijaya Bank Resignee case and other developments

  08/01/14           IBA letter regarding enhancement in ex-gratia amount being paid to pre - 1986 retirees/ surviing spouses

31/12/13            Massive Rally Cum Dharna at Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014

27/12/13            Improvement in Basic component of Ex-Gratia amount payable to Pre-1986 retirees and spouses of deceased

                        Pre-1986 retirees

21/12/13            Strike of 18th Dec 2013 - Participation in Dharnas and Rallies.

09/12/13            Developments - Karnataka High Court decision on Contempt Petition in Resignee case .. etc

03/12/13           Report on proceedings of Central Comittee meeting held at Bangalore on 17th -18 th Nov 2013

03/12/13           Report of General Secretary placed before 2nd Central Commitee meeting at Banagalore on 17th, 18th Nov 2013

02/12/13           Collection of information under RTI regarding Management of Pension Funds

26/11/13           Strike call of 19th December 2013 given by UFBU

12/11/13           Condolence Message - Sad Demise of Comrade B. P. Bajpai

10/11/13           Agenda for Central Commitee , Office Bearers' Meeting at Bangalore - Dates - from 16th Nov to 18 Nov 2013.

02/11/13           DIWALI GREETINGS

14/10/13           Bipartite Talks – IBA does not come out with any offer on wage increase – UFBU calls for Protest

                          Demonstrations on 22nd  October, 2013 – Make it massive success.

02/10/13           Letter to Shri P Chindambaran, Hon. Finance Minister, regarding Issues of bank retirees.

10/09/13          Central Commitee Meeting, Office Bearers' Meeting and Office Bearers of State Bodies Meeting at Bangalore -

                       Dates 16 - 18 November, 2013

10/09/13          Strike Call of 25th September, 2013 given by AIBEA and BEFI

06/09/13          Office Bearers / Central Comitee Meeting - Change of Venue from Belgaum to Banglore

03/09/13          Pension fund Management and Related Issues

  16/08/13         Letter to Convenor UBFU regarding wage settlement and demands of retirees

  16/08/13         10th Bipartitle Demands - Discussions with IBA - UFBU Circular

11/08/13         List of Affiliates of AIBRF

04/08/13         Office Bearer Meeting and Central Comitee Meeting

31/07/13         Achievements of AIBRF - Our Journey So Far

31/07/13          Dearness relief to pensioners from Aug 2013 - 58 slabs more

 31/07/13         Letter to Office Bearers/CC Members regarding meeting wth IBA

31/07/13       Letter to IBA regarding meeting with the repesentatives of retirees

07/07/13       Paticipation of retirees' organisations in the UFBU meeting held at Chennai on 04/07/2013

07/07/13       Circular issued by UFBU on the decisions of the meetig held at Chennai on 04/07/2013

25/06/13       Uttarakhand Tragedy Appeal

06/06/13       Madras High Court Case on 100% Neutralisation of D.A.

02/06/13       The Issue of Dual Membership

31/05/13       Letter to Shri P.C. Sarkar - Convener of UFBU regarding coordination and consultation of Retiree's  


30/05/13       Article in AIBOA House Magazine on Updation of Pension and 100% neutralisation of D.A    

17/05/13       Proceedings of Sub-Comitee meeting held at Indore on 28th & 29th April 2013

23/04/13       Bipartite talks with IBA

18/04/13       100% Neutralisation of D.A. response from SBI management to a pensioner.

                    SBI letter to the pensioner           

07/04/13      Subcomitee meeting at Indore

01/04/13      100 % Neutalization of D.A. to pre Nov 2002 retirees

01/04/13       Payment of Gratuity Difference to the employees reitred during 6th wage settlement

12/03/13       Organisational Matters

12/03/13       Response of AIBEA General Secretary

03/03/13       Letter to IBA by UFBRO

23/02/13       UFBU meeting with IBA regarding negotiations of Biparitite          UFBU Press Release

21/02/13       27th National Conference of AIBEA - Address by Shri S. C. Jain - Gen Secretary AIBRF

18/02/13       Strike Call on 20th and 21st February, 2013 given by major Trade Unions of the Country

07/02/13       Meeting with the officials of Department of Financial Services (DFS)

03/01/13       DA from Feb 2013    - 67 slabs more

21/01/13      AIBEA Invites GS to attend 27th Conference of AIBEA

31/12/12      Letter to IBA regarding Madras High Court decision on 100% neutralisation of D.A to

                   Pre November 2002 retirees

30/12/12      Central Comittee Meeting held at Pune - Developments

22/12/12      Madras High Court Decision of 100% Neutralisation of D.A to Pre November 2002 retirees

                   Click here for viewing / downloading copy of the Judgement

21/12/12      News appearing in Pune based newspaper "Aaj ka Anand"

21/11/12      UFBRO's letter to UFBU

21/11/12      Achievements of AIBRF

20/11/12      Agenda for CC meeting at Pune on 19th and 20th December 2012

10/11/12      Pension option to Normal VRS optees

                    IBA circular on above subject

02/11/12      Charter of Demands submitted by workmen Unions to IBA

01/11/12      Charter of Demands submitted by UFBU to IBA

16/10/12      Developments at All India Level / AIBRF Level

25/09/12      Letter by AIBEA to Finance Secretary regarding payment of Ex Gratia Adhoc pension to

                   pre-1986 retirees / surviving spouse

18/09/12      Pension option to VRS optees and others

12/09/12       Notice for Central Commitee Meeting at Pune on 19th and 20th December

05/09/12      Charter of Demands

05/09/12      Proceedings of the UFBRO meeting held at Mumbai on 05/08/2012.

05/09/12      UFBRO (United Forum Of Bank Retirees' Organisations) letter to Finance Secretary regarding

                   retirees' issues.

09/08/12     AIBRF letter to Finance Secretary for asking IBA to include resignees and CRS employees in one                   more option of pension

02/08/12      One more option for pension to all employees - about to benefit 7000 retirees

01/08/12      D.A. rates for pensioners effective from August 2012.

28/07/12      Compilation of information about the facility being extended at the bank level to retirees

23/07/12      Office Bearers Meeting held at Chennai on 08/08/12 - Brief Reporting

21/07/12      UFBU decided to temporarily postpone / defer the two days strike on 25th / 26th July 2012

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Jagadamika Pal Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Domariyaganj (U.P.)                          regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Lalji Tandon Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Lukhnow (U.P.)                                         regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Zafar Ali naqvi Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Kheri (U.P)                                 regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Brajesh Pathak Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Utter Pradesh                      regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Harsh Vardhan Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Maharaj Ganj (U.P)                      regarding Abolition of Discsriminatory Dearness Relief

27/06/12      Letter on AIBOC splitting move.

20/06/12     Letter to UBFU on Charter of Demands

09/06/12     Action Plan to be discussed at Chennai meeting

05/06/12     Cogratulations to new General Secretary of AIBOC

05/06/12     Organisational Setup - Need to review.

05/06/12     Note on formation of DIstrict Level Comitees under  aegis of AIBRF               

30/05/12    Agenda for the meeting of Office Bearers to be held on 8th July 2012

30/05/12    Constitution for National Council of Sr Citizens - Letter to Minister of Social Jusice & Empowerment

26/05/12    Letter from Shri G.D.Nadaf, General Secretary, AIBOC

20/05/12    Letter to Finance Secretary regarding Staff welfare funds-Allocation of funds to retirees

20/05/12    Letter to Finance Secretary regarding 5 years notional benefit

15/05/12    AIBRF's II letter to Com. Gurudas Dasgupta, M.P.

10/05/12    Office Bearers' meeting at Chennai on Sunday 8th July 2012

06/05/12    Letter to Dr. Sudershan Nachippan, M.P.(Rajyasabha) regarding retirees' demands

03/05/12    Letter by Shri Gurudas Das Guptaji, M.P. to Finance Minister reg 100% neutralisation of D.A.

26/04/12    Launching of New Organisation of bank retrees by AIBOC - Letter to Shri Nadaf by Shri Jain

15/04/12    5 Years Notional Benefit

15/04/12    Letter to UFBU regarding Karnataka High Court Judgement

13/04/12    Letter from Shri G.D. Nadaf - General Secretary  AIBOC

13/04/12    Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief - Letter by AIBRF to Hon MP Shri Gurudas Dasgupta

01/04/12    Delegate session at Kolkata (From 1st to 3rd March 2012)

27/03/12    UFBU Circular regarding meeting held at Mangalore

19/03/12    Proceedings of third AIBRF Triennial Confernce held at Kolkata

16/03/12    Government circular on Staff Welfare schemes in Public Sector Banks

09/03/12    New Team of Office Bearers for the Term 2012 -14

07/03/12    Resolutions passed at triennial conference at Calcutta held on 1,2,3 March 2012

20/02/12    Strike Call on 28th February given by trade unions

20/02/12    List of observers at Calcutta Conference

20/02/12    List of delegates at Calcutta conference     supplimentary list of delegates

14/02/12    General Secretary Report

28/01/12    Triennial delegate session of AIBRF at Calcutta to be held on 1,2,3 March 2012

18/11/11    Dates of Triennial delegate session of AIBRF

03/10/11    Developments

03/10/11    Minutes of the Central Comitte Meeting held at Mangalore (Karnataka) held on 17th & 18th Sept 2011

28/09/11    United Forum of Bank Retirees' Organisations (U F B R O)

04/08/11    IBA circular on change in D.A. w.e.f.Aug 2011

20/06/11    CC Comittee Meeting to be held at Bangalore on 17th & 18th Sept. 2011

20/06/11    Writ Petition of Shri N. Pradeep Kumar In Supreme Court

28/05/11    Grievances of Bank Retirees






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