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  05/02/16       Punjab & Haryana High Court Decision - Pension Option to Compulsory Retired Persons      

                      High Court Decision on compulsory retired persons

  04/02/16       Memorandum on pending demands of Bank Retirees

  02/02/16       1st Triennial Conference of Odisha State Committee of A.I.B.R.F


                     FROM FEB. 2016 TO JULY 2016 AVERAGE CPI: 6147

  22/01/16       Request to IBA for appointment to submit memorandum       

                      Protest Day in Mumbai on 10/02/2016        

                      Maharashtra State Office Bearers

  20/01/16       Terms & Conditions of Group Medi-claim policy issued by United India Insurance Co. Ltd 

                      for future renewal

  18/01/16      IBA Group Mediclaim policy for Retirees - Speciment Document   

  18/01/16      Letter to IRDAI         

                      Letter to IBA - Medical Scheme for bank Retirees reimbusement of domicialiary expenses

 16/01/16        Developments

                       Letter from Department of Financial Services (GOI) to CMDs of banks regarding wage revision

 30/12/15        Leave Encashment to Compulsary Retired Employees

 26/12/15        Developments

 17/12/15        Pensioners' Day on 17th December

 10/12/15        Action Programme of AIBRF

 08/12/15        Election - List of Office Bearers for 2015 to 2018

 05/12/15        Unprecedented Heavy Rains in Tamilnadu Appeal for Help

 02/12/15        Proceedings of 4th Triennial National Conference held at Thrissur from 26th November, 2015 to 28th November 2015

 20/11/15        Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment takes up retirees' issues with MOF     

                      Memorandum from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

17/11/15         IBA approved medical scheme for bank retirees Reimbursement of Domiciliary Expenses

15/11/15         Nomination of Election Commissioner to supervise and conduct election of Office Bearers         

                      at Thrissur Conference

14/11/15         Central Commitee Meeting at Thrissur on 26.11.15 - Agenda      

                      List of affiliates - Entitlement of Delegates for Thrissur Conference

 07/11/15        Invitation and  Programme of 4th National Conference of AIBRF to be held on 26th Nov 2015

 21/10/15        Sad demise of Shri P.S. Gopalkrishna Pillai CC member AIBRF and GS Bank of India   

                      Retirees' Association Kerala

 08/10/15        IBA Circular to member banks advising them to implement  scheme of Group Insurance

                      Mediclaim policy   for retirees w.e.f 1-11-2015.

 05/10/15        IBA Group Medical Scheme for Retirees      

                     Annexure of Detail IBA Medical Insurance Scheme

 28/09/15        Messages by individuals

 25/09/15        Demonstrations  against corruption and mismanagement in Catholic Syrian Bank in front of

                      Head Office by CSB Retirees Association afiliated to AIBRF

   21/09/15         Meeting of AIBRF Delegation with Central Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari at Nagpur on 12.09.15

 20/09/15         Demonstrations at Guwahati

 15/09/15         Meeting of AIBRF Delegation with Central Minister  Shri Nitin Gadkari at Nagpur on 12.09.15

 15/09/15         Supreme Court Decision dated 01/07/15 in Civil Appeal No. 1123 of 2015

 11/09/15         IBA Group Medi-Claim Policy for Retirees - Letter to IBA

 07/09/15         4th Triennial Conference to be held on 26-28th November 2015 Information

 31/08/15         Office Bearers Meeting at Ahmedabad on 10th and 11th October 2015

 27/08/15         Letter to IBA requesting appointment

 22/08/15         Publication of souvenir Appeal for collecting advertisements    

                       Bulletin issued by Reception Comittee - Advertisement tariff

 18/08/15         Letter to the Prlme Minister on retirees' issues

 11/08/15         Letter from GS, AIBOC to Converner UFBU regarding Recod Note dtd 25.05.2015

 11/08/15          Our Action Programs

                        News item in paper - 1

                        News item in paper - 2

                        News item in paper - 3

10/08/2015        Action Programs of AIBRF Maharastra State

10/08/15           Appeal for attending Bank Retirees meeting at Mumbai on 14th Aug 2015 

10/08/2015        Trains for Thrissur

09/08/2015        Reporting of organisational action programme under taken by Bihar Committee

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part I

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part II

                        Memorandum to Chairman  IBA - Part III

05/08/2015       100 Percent Dearness Relief to Pre-Nov.02 Retireees Record Noe dtd. 25.05.2015

  05/08/2015       Letter to Shri M.V. Murali Convener, UFBU

02/08/2015        Meeting of Apex Level Retiree Organisations at Delhi on 28/07/2015

01/08/2015        Dearness Relief - August 2015 to Febrary 2016

24/07/2015        4th triennial Delegate Session of AIBRF - II

 24/07/2015         4th triennial Delegate Session of AIBRF - I

19/07/2015        Submission of memorandum to Local Chapter of IBA on retirees'  demands

17/07/2015        4th National Conference, Thrissur, 26 - 28 November 2015.

10/07/2015        Proceedings of Central Comittee Meeting of AIBRF held at Indore on 9th and 10th July 2015.

05/07/2015        Developments

02/07/2015        Report on AIBRF call successfully implemented in Kerala

01/07/2015        United Bank Retirees - Submission of memorandum to Chairman

19/06/2015        Submission of memorandum to president, local chapter IBA, by our state body of AP and Telangana

13/06/2015         AIBOC letter to IBA regarding Record Note on the issues of Bank Retirees

08/06/2015        Central Commitee Meeting of AIBRFto be held at Indore on 9th and 10th July 2015

05/06/2015        Action Programmes of AIBRF

*03/06/2015        Letter to IBA regarding our memorandum dtd 25/05/2015

29/05/2015       10th Bipartite Settlement - Record Note dated 25th May 2015.

28/05/2015       Letter to UFBU regarding record note by IBA on 25/05/2015 relating issues relating to retirees

27/05/2015       Protest Day on 25/05/2015

25/05/2015       Memorandum to IBA

23/05/2015       Delegation of AIBRF. Observing 25th May, 2015 as PROTEST DAY. Demonstration at Azad Maidan, Mumbai.

17/05/2015      10th Bipartite Settlement - Future Action progrm for coming days

                        Draft letter of representatiion to be send to Chairman & Managing Director of respective bank

 16/05/2015      Another Letter to Shri M.V. Murali, Convenor UFBU, regarding 10th Bipartite Settlement

   14/05/2015     Letter to Shri M.V. Murali, Convenor UFBU, regarding 10th Bipartite Settlement

  13/05/2015      Meeting with Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 12.05.2015

  13/05/2015      Memorandum to FM regarding pending Demands/Issues of Bank Retirees

  13/05/2015      Developments in today's efforts

02/05/15          Delay in finalisation of retirees' issues

02/04/15          Pension Reulations - Submission of Life Certificate by pensioners.

23/03/15          Letter to UFBU regarding memorandum on mediclaim policy to past retirees

23/03/15          Memorandum on group mediclaim policy to past retirees

13/03/15         Kokata High Court Decision on 100 per cent DA

  03/03/15        Signing of MOU for wage settlement - Retiree Issues

26/02/15        Letter from AIBOA to UBFU regarding pension related issues

26/02/15        AIBEA & AIBOA meet Finance Minster on 18th instance on wages and other demands of serving employees and

                     retirees in Banks

26/02/15         Bipartite Settlement signing of MOU between Unions & Bank Managements

23/02/15        WAGE REVISION SETTLED IN TODAY's MEET - 15% HIKE W.E.F 1.11.2012

                        CLICK HERE TO VIEW IBA CIRCULAR 

16/02/15          Contribution from AIBRF towards  J &K Flood Victims Relief

  07/02/15          Agitational Programme lauched by UFBU - AIBRF Support

31/01/15          Dearness Relief to pensioners 51 slabs more from Feb 2015 to July 2015.

  27/01/15          Benefit of notional service to Voluntary retired Employees under special VRS who completed more
                       than 19 and half years service Supreme Court Decision

25/01/15          Denial of pension option to the Compulsarily Retired Employees as settlement of 2010 - Supreme Court Decision.

23/01/15          Letter to IBA on Retirees' demands

                        Memorandum to IBA regarding Retirees' demands

                        Note on Uniform Dearness Relief to all past Retirees

01/01/15           New Year's Greetings

26/12/14           Bipartite Negotiations

24/12/14           Bipartite Negotiations Agitational Program by UFBU

16/12/14           Developments   

  06/12/14           Centralised Demonstration by AIBRF at Hyderabad on 2nd December, 2014 in support of UFBU Demands

  06/12/14           Resolution for the Rally

22/11/14           Condolence Message - Sad demise of our Veteran Comrade Sampath

  21/11/14           Likely Interest Rate Cut - Impact on Retirees

18/11/14            Meeting with DFS officials on 17/11/2014

17/11/14            Centralised Demonstration Program at Hyderabad on 20th Dec 2014

03/11/14            Condolence Message - Sad Demise of Shri S P Seth, Central Commitee Member

22/10/14             Deepawali Greetings

16/10/14             Agitational Program of UFBU

07/10/14             Circulation of Messages

29/09/14             Letter to UFBU - regarding Deveopments and Retirees' issues in bipartite talks on 26/09/14

26/09/14            Talks betwwen IBA and UFBU on 26/09/14 - Developments.  

  20/09/14             Relief to people of Jammu and Kashmir - Appeal for donation

16/09/14            Letter to Syndcate Bank regarding greivance cell set up in the Bank

15/09/14            Supreme Court Decision - Pension option to Compulsary Retired Employees -

                           Letter to Chairman IBA

                           Letter to Convenor UFBU

                           Circular to Office Bearers/ CC members / State Body Chiefs of AIBRF

09/08/14            OBTIUARY - Sad demise of Shri P.S.LM . Hargopal , Vice President AIBRF and GS , PNB Retirees Federation

08/08/14             Developments in Bipartite talks Retirees' Issues

01/08/14             D.A. rates for pensioners (%) - 17 slabs more from August, 2014

30/07/14            Office Bearers' meeting held at Mumbai on 16th & 17th July 2014 - reporting

09/07/14            Pension fund position of Public Sector Banks as on 31/03/2014

15/06/14            Bipartite talk of 13/06/2014

14/06/14            Agenda for Office Bearers' meeting to be held at Mumbai on 16th and 17th July 2014

30/05/14            Office Bearers' Meeting at Mumbai on 16th and !7th July 2014

30/05/14            List Of Officer Bearers

29/05/14            Letter to Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

17/05/14            P.J. Nayak Comittee recommendations on Governance of Boards of Banks in India.

14/05/14            Pension Updation of past retirees Analysis of related issues

29/04/14           Supreme cout decision for payment of arrears to those pensioners retired between 1998 to 2002

20/04/14              Joint Memoradum/ Appeal on common Issues of Bank Retirees

Memorandum Page 1

Memorandum Page 2

Memorandum Page 3

Memorandum Page 4


16/04/14             Retirees'   Issues - Empowering Senior Citizens

17/03/14            Negotiations between IBA and UFBU on 14th March - Retirees' Issues

10/03/14            Dharana at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014, Reporting

05/03/14            Dharana program at Delhi on 07/03/14 -- Stay arrangements

28/02/14            Codolence Messasge - Sad Demise of Comrade MVG Nair - Central Bank of India.

21/02/14            Press Note regarding Dharana program at Janatar Mantar, Delhi on 7th March 2014.

  18/02/14           Retirees Issues to be addressed in 10th Bipartite settlement - 100% D.A. to pre Nov - 2002 Retirees.

  18/02/14           Note on Dearness Allowance related issues to be of past retirees to be addressed in 10th Settlement.

27/01/14           Mass Rally Cum Dharana of Bank Retirees at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 7th March 2014, Friday.

                        Click here to view / download the poster

18/01/14            Bipartite talks with IBA on 17th Jan 2014 - Developments

08/01/14            Vijaya Bank Resignee case and other developments

  08/01/14           IBA letter regarding enhancement in ex-gratia amount being paid to pre - 1986 retirees/ surviing spouses

31/12/13            Massive Rally Cum Dharna at Delhi on Friday, 7th March 2014

27/12/13            Improvement in Basic component of Ex-Gratia amount payable to Pre-1986 retirees and spouses of deceased

                        Pre-1986 retirees

21/12/13            Strike of 18th Dec 2013 - Participation in Dharnas and Rallies.

09/12/13            Developments - Karnataka High Court decision on Contempt Petition in Resignee case .. etc

03/12/13           Report on proceedings of Central Comittee meeting held at Bangalore on 17th -18 th Nov 2013

03/12/13           Report of General Secretary placed before 2nd Central Commitee meeting at Banagalore on 17th, 18th Nov 2013

02/12/13           Collection of information under RTI regarding Management of Pension Funds

26/11/13           Strike call of 19th December 2013 given by UFBU

12/11/13           Condolence Message - Sad Demise of Comrade B. P. Bajpai

10/11/13           Agenda for Central Commitee , Office Bearers' Meeting at Bangalore - Dates - from 16th Nov to 18 Nov 2013.

02/11/13           DIWALI GREETINGS

14/10/13           Bipartite Talks – IBA does not come out with any offer on wage increase – UFBU calls for Protest

                          Demonstrations on 22nd  October, 2013 – Make it massive success.

02/10/13           Letter to Shri P Chindambaran, Hon. Finance Minister, regarding Issues of bank retirees.

10/09/13          Central Commitee Meeting, Office Bearers' Meeting and Office Bearers of State Bodies Meeting at Bangalore -

                       Dates 16 - 18 November, 2013

10/09/13          Strike Call of 25th September, 2013 given by AIBEA and BEFI

06/09/13          Office Bearers / Central Comitee Meeting - Change of Venue from Belgaum to Banglore

03/09/13          Pension fund Management and Related Issues

  16/08/13         Letter to Convenor UBFU regarding wage settlement and demands of retirees

  16/08/13         10th Bipartitle Demands - Discussions with IBA - UFBU Circular

11/08/13         List of Affiliates of AIBRF

04/08/13         Office Bearer Meeting and Central Comitee Meeting

31/07/13         Achievements of AIBRF - Our Journey So Far

31/07/13          Dearness relief to pensioners from Aug 2013 - 58 slabs more

 31/07/13         Letter to Office Bearers/CC Members regarding meeting wth IBA

31/07/13       Letter to IBA regarding meeting with the repesentatives of retirees

07/07/13       Paticipation of retirees' organisations in the UFBU meeting held at Chennai on 04/07/2013

07/07/13       Circular issued by UFBU on the decisions of the meetig held at Chennai on 04/07/2013

25/06/13       Uttarakhand Tragedy Appeal

06/06/13       Madras High Court Case on 100% Neutralisation of D.A.

02/06/13       The Issue of Dual Membership

31/05/13       Letter to Shri P.C. Sarkar - Convener of UFBU regarding coordination and consultation of Retiree's  


30/05/13       Article in AIBOA House Magazine on Updation of Pension and 100% neutralisation of D.A    

17/05/13       Proceedings of Sub-Comitee meeting held at Indore on 28th & 29th April 2013

23/04/13       Bipartite talks with IBA

18/04/13       100% Neutralisation of D.A. response from SBI management to a pensioner.

                    SBI letter to the pensioner           

07/04/13      Subcomitee meeting at Indore

01/04/13      100 % Neutalization of D.A. to pre Nov 2002 retirees

01/04/13       Payment of Gratuity Difference to the employees reitred during 6th wage settlement

12/03/13       Organisational Matters

12/03/13       Response of AIBEA General Secretary

03/03/13       Letter to IBA by UFBRO

23/02/13       UFBU meeting with IBA regarding negotiations of Biparitite          UFBU Press Release

21/02/13       27th National Conference of AIBEA - Address by Shri S. C. Jain - Gen Secretary AIBRF

18/02/13       Strike Call on 20th and 21st February, 2013 given by major Trade Unions of the Country

07/02/13       Meeting with the officials of Department of Financial Services (DFS)

03/01/13       DA from Feb 2013    - 67 slabs more

21/01/13      AIBEA Invites GS to attend 27th Conference of AIBEA

31/12/12      Letter to IBA regarding Madras High Court decision on 100% neutralisation of D.A to

                   Pre November 2002 retirees

30/12/12      Central Comittee Meeting held at Pune - Developments

22/12/12      Madras High Court Decision of 100% Neutralisation of D.A to Pre November 2002 retirees

                   Click here for viewing / downloading copy of the Judgement

21/12/12      News appearing in Pune based newspaper "Aaj ka Anand"

21/11/12      UFBRO's letter to UFBU

21/11/12      Achievements of AIBRF

20/11/12      Agenda for CC meeting at Pune on 19th and 20th December 2012

10/11/12      Pension option to Normal VRS optees

                    IBA circular on above subject

02/11/12      Charter of Demands submitted by workmen Unions to IBA

01/11/12      Charter of Demands submitted by UFBU to IBA

16/10/12      Developments at All India Level / AIBRF Level

25/09/12      Letter by AIBEA to Finance Secretary regarding payment of Ex Gratia Adhoc pension to

                   pre-1986 retirees / surviving spouse

18/09/12      Pension option to VRS optees and others

12/09/12       Notice for Central Commitee Meeting at Pune on 19th and 20th December

05/09/12      Charter of Demands

05/09/12      Proceedings of the UFBRO meeting held at Mumbai on 05/08/2012.

05/09/12      UFBRO (United Forum Of Bank Retirees' Organisations) letter to Finance Secretary regarding

                   retirees' issues.

09/08/12     AIBRF letter to Finance Secretary for asking IBA to include resignees and CRS employees in one                   more option of pension

02/08/12      One more option for pension to all employees - about to benefit 7000 retirees

01/08/12      D.A. rates for pensioners effective from August 2012.

28/07/12      Compilation of information about the facility being extended at the bank level to retirees

23/07/12      Office Bearers Meeting held at Chennai on 08/08/12 - Brief Reporting

21/07/12      UFBU decided to temporarily postpone / defer the two days strike on 25th / 26th July 2012

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Jagadamika Pal Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Domariyaganj (U.P.)                          regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Lalji Tandon Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Lukhnow (U.P.)                                         regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Zafar Ali naqvi Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Kheri (U.P)                                 regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Brajesh Pathak Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Utter Pradesh                      regarding Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief

07/07/12      Letter to Shri Harsh Vardhan Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Maharaj Ganj (U.P)                      regarding Abolition of Discsriminatory Dearness Relief

27/06/12      Letter on AIBOC splitting move.

20/06/12     Letter to UBFU on Charter of Demands

09/06/12     Action Plan to be discussed at Chennai meeting

05/06/12     Cogratulations to new General Secretary of AIBOC

05/06/12     Organisational Setup - Need to review.

05/06/12     Note on formation of DIstrict Level Comitees under  aegis of AIBRF               

30/05/12    Agenda for the meeting of Office Bearers to be held on 8th July 2012

30/05/12    Constitution for National Council of Sr Citizens - Letter to Minister of Social Jusice & Empowerment

26/05/12    Letter from Shri G.D.Nadaf, General Secretary, AIBOC

20/05/12    Letter to Finance Secretary regarding Staff welfare funds-Allocation of funds to retirees

20/05/12    Letter to Finance Secretary regarding 5 years notional benefit

15/05/12    AIBRF's II letter to Com. Gurudas Dasgupta, M.P.

10/05/12    Office Bearers' meeting at Chennai on Sunday 8th July 2012

06/05/12    Letter to Dr. Sudershan Nachippan, M.P.(Rajyasabha) regarding retirees' demands

03/05/12    Letter by Shri Gurudas Das Guptaji, M.P. to Finance Minister reg 100% neutralisation of D.A.

26/04/12    Launching of New Organisation of bank retrees by AIBOC - Letter to Shri Nadaf by Shri Jain

15/04/12    5 Years Notional Benefit

15/04/12    Letter to UFBU regarding Karnataka High Court Judgement

13/04/12    Letter from Shri G.D. Nadaf - General Secretary  AIBOC

13/04/12    Abolition of Discriminatory Dearness Relief - Letter by AIBRF to Hon MP Shri Gurudas Dasgupta

01/04/12    Delegate session at Kolkata (From 1st to 3rd March 2012)

27/03/12    UFBU Circular regarding meeting held at Mangalore

19/03/12    Proceedings of third AIBRF Triennial Confernce held at Kolkata

16/03/12    Government circular on Staff Welfare schemes in Public Sector Banks

09/03/12    New Team of Office Bearers for the Term 2012 -14

07/03/12    Resolutions passed at triennial conference at Calcutta held on 1,2,3 March 2012

20/02/12    Strike Call on 28th February given by trade unions

20/02/12    List of observers at Calcutta Conference

20/02/12    List of delegates at Calcutta conference     supplimentary list of delegates

14/02/12    General Secretary Report

28/01/12    Triennial delegate session of AIBRF at Calcutta to be held on 1,2,3 March 2012

18/11/11    Dates of Triennial delegate session of AIBRF

03/10/11    Developments

03/10/11    Minutes of the Central Comitte Meeting held at Mangalore (Karnataka) held on 17th & 18th Sept 2011

28/09/11    United Forum of Bank Retirees' Organisations (U F B R O)

04/08/11    IBA circular on change in D.A. w.e.f.Aug 2011

20/06/11    CC Comittee Meeting to be held at Bangalore on 17th & 18th Sept. 2011

20/06/11    Writ Petition of Shri N. Pradeep Kumar In Supreme Court

28/05/11    Grievances of Bank Retirees





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